Why Choose Trump Property

We know there are other property management companies in Auckland that you can choose. We go further than our competition, however, offering a better range of services. This is why so many landlords choose us to manage their properties and why our tenants come back to us again and again.

Some of the reasons you should choose us are below. If you would like to speak to one of our property professionals, please call us today on 0274386387.

Results Focused

You are focused on results because your rental properties are an investment and/or a source of income. As you are focused on results, so are we. In practice, this means:

  • Minimising vacancy rates in your properties
  • Ensuring rents are paid on time
  • Taking quick and decisive action when rents fall into arrears
  • Ensuring your properties are properly maintained
  • Ensuring damage caused by tenants is repaired at no cost to you
  • Making sure you charge the right amount of rent

Hassle-Free and Low-Cost Property Management Services

We strive to make our property management services as hassle-free as possible. This means we handle all day-to-day issues from collecting rent to carrying out background checks on prospective tenants to completing property inspections.

In addition, we keep our fee structure simple and transparent. Plus, we have the best property management rates in Auckland.

Extensive Experience

Experience is essential when delivering property management services, and we have it by the truckload.

You will get this same level of service when you choose us. This includes knowing what to cover in a tenant background check, understanding the local rental market, and much more.

Service Quality

We review and revise all our procedures to ensure they are as effective as possible. This means you can be sure you are getting the highest possible standard of service every time.

In addition, we use technology to automate some processes and make others more efficient. This includes taking photos and videos as part of property inspection reports, having an online system for maintenance requests, offering useful reporting tools, and more.

Transparent and Effective Procedures

All the procedures we use have a long track record of success. This includes procedures that minimise rent arrears and quickly deal with arrears situations when they occur. It also includes thorough background checks on all tenants before any agreements are signed.

We also use a highly effective marketing strategy to ensure you get good tenants into your properties quickly.

If you want your properties managed by the best, please contact us today. Call 0274386387.