Tenant Information

Trump Property Management Tenant Information

Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked tenant questions. If your question is not on the list, give us a call on 0274386387 so we can help.

Before Your Tenancy

What does the application and background check involve?

We do a thorough check on all potential tenants before accepting their application. The application is a standard form that contains your personal details. We then use this information to conduct a background check which can include contacting references, contacting previous landlords, checking the Tenancy Tribunal decisions database, checking your credit history, and more.

What is a pre-lease property condition report?

This is a report produced by a member of our team that outlines the condition of the property in detail before you move in. This includes itemising everything in the property and listing any existing damage. Photos and videos may also be taken. This report ensures you are not held liable for damage you didn’t cause once the tenancy agreement ends.

How much do I have to pay for the bond and when do I get it back?

The bond you must pay is normally the equivalent of four weeks rent. You will get it back at the end of your tenancy agreement minus the cost to repair any damage that you are liable for.

During Your Tenancy

What are your payment terms?

You must pay your rent on or before the due date. Please note, Trump Property Management has a zero-tolerance policy regarding rent arrears. All rent payments must be by automatic transfer.

Something is faulty or needs maintenance in my home. What do I do?

All maintenance requests must be submitted to us in writing. To do this, please complete the form on our website.

Will you inspect the property while I am living in it?

Yes, we may periodically inspect the property during your tenancy agreement. We will always notify you before we intend to arrive and will arrange a date and time that is suitable to you.

Will my rent increase during the tenancy agreement?

Rents often stay the same for short and medium-term tenancies but your landlord is entitled, by law, to increase the rent every six months, providing the rent charged is fair. If your landlord wishes to increase your rent, we will give you 60 days’ notice.

Can I get the locks changed at my rented property?

Yes, at your own expense and with prior approval from us. Also, we keep a duplicate set of keys for your property in our office so you will need to pay for a replacement duplicate set as well. Please also note that all keys must be returned to our office at the end of your tenancy.

Can I sub-lease my rented property?

No, sub-leasing is not allowed.

Who can live in my rented property?

The only people allowed to live in your rented property are those listed on the tenancy agreement. If someone is staying in your property for more than two weeks you will need to inform us.

I want to change the occupancy of my rented property. What do I do?

Please contact the office to speak to a member of our team

Ending Your Tenancy Agreement

When can I end my tenancy agreement?

You can end your tenancy agreement at the end of your fixed term providing you give us 30 days’ notice. If you are in a periodic tenancy, you must give us 21 days’ notice.

Can I end the agreement before the end of the fixed term?

You can, but you may incur additional costs. This includes costs to cover the rent until the end of the tenancy agreement or until a new tenant is found, whichever is sooner. Other costs may apply too.

General Advice

Do I need house insurance?

Your landlord will have buildings insurance as well as contents insurance to cover the contents he/she owns. You will need to get your own contents insurance to cover your belongings.

Who is responsible for connecting and paying for utilities, broadband, and TV?

You are responsible for gas, electricity, broadband, and TV services in your rented property.

Do I have to pay a fee if I rent a property through your company?

Yes. The letting fee is the equivalent of one weeks rent + gst.

Is that all I have to pay before I can move in?

No. You will be required to pay two weeks rent in advance, the letting fee plus the bond

How much bond do I have to pay?

Trump Property Management Limited requests 4-weeks bond.

What happens to my bond?

The bond is lodged with the Bond Centre who holds it in trust.
Trump Property Management Limited may make a claim against the bond for any of the following reasons – rent arrears, damages, outstanding water accounts, cleaning, lawns and gardens, rubbish removal.

If you and Residential Rentals cannot agree on the amount being claimed, either of you may apply to the Tenancy Tribunal to resolve the matter.

How much notice do I have to give if I want to end the tenancy

That will depend on whether the term of your tenancy is a Fixed Term or a Periodic.

What’s the difference?

A fixed term tenancy cannot be terminated by notice by either yourself or Trump Property Management Limited. It has a start and finish date and you will be responsible for the rent for the entire term of the tenancy.

However, if both parties agree the tenancy can be terminated sooner.
A periodic tenancy can be terminated by notice. You are required to provide Trump Property Management Limited with 21 days written notice.

The landlord must provide you with written notice –

  • 42 days if he or any of his family require the property for their own use.
  • 42 days if the property has been sold.
  • 90 days for any other reason.
  • Up to 4 days should be added to the above to provide for service of the Notice.

If you wish to vacate before either the 42 or 90 days it is important to know that you are still required to provide the landlord with 21 days notice.

Can the rent go up during a tenancy?

Fixed Term Tenancy: Yes, but only if it is written into the Tenancy Agreement.
Periodic Tenancy : Yes

For both of the above the landlord must provide you with 60 days notice of the increase. The rent cannot be increased within 180 days after the date the last increase took place or from the start date of the tenancy.

Can the Landlord sell the property if I have a Fixed Term Tenancy?

Yes, the landlord has the right to list his property for sale regardless of the term of the tenancy.

However you will be entitled to remain in the property for the duration of the fixed term. This term may be extended if you and the new landlord agree. Trump Property Management Limited will negotiate with the landlord on your behalf to reach a mutual agreement.

Can I have flatmates?

Yes, as long as the number of people in the property does not exceed that stipulated on the Tenancy Agreement.

A flatmate is not legally responsible for the tenancy. The only persons who are liable are those who are specifically named and have signed the Tenancy Agreement.
It is common practice for more than one person living in a property to sign the Tenancy Agreement. This makes them all jointly and severally liable for meeting the terms of the agreement.

What about sub-leasing?

Trump Property Management Limited Tenancy Agreements do not permit subleasing or assigning of a tenancy.

What if some tenants move out during the tenancy?

If any one of those named on the Tenancy Agreement move out of the property this effectively brings the tenancy to an end, but if you wish to continue with the tenancy contact Trump Property Management Limited to discuss what options are available.

One of our flatmates has left. Can I change the locks?

Not without the consent of Trump Property Management Limited. If it is agreed then you are obliged to provide Trump Property Management Limited with a set of the new keys.

When can a Residential Rentals Agent enter the property and how much notice am I entitled to?

Notice for access varies as follows-

  • If you agree, the Trump Property Management Limited Agent can enter the property immediately
  • For the purpose of carrying out a routine inspection 48 hours.
  • For the purpose of carrying out necessary repairs or maintenance 24 hours
  • For the purpose of showing the property to prospective tenants, purchasers or a registered valuer by consent (which cannot be unreasonably withheld)

What should I do if I am temporarily unable to pay my rent?

The most important thing to do is to contact Trump Property Management Limited as soon as you are aware there will be a problem with your rent payment. Simply ignoring the problem will not make it go away and very likely cause us concern and commence breach and eviction proceedings.

What about things that need fixing?

It is your responsibility to notify Trump Property Management Limited as soon as possible of any repairs or maintenance required so we can take the necessary action.

What documents should I, as a tenant, be given before I move into the premises?

The following items are required:

  • Copy of the Tenancy Agreement
  • Copy of the Bond Lodgement form
  • Original and copies of the Condition Report – to be checked, completed, signed, then returned to the office in the required time frame
  • Receipt for initial rent amount, lease fees and bond monies
  • Photocopy of all access keys and remote controls (if any)
  • Emergency contact number details