Property Management

Property owners of all sizes choose Trump Property Management because we get the job done efficiently and effectively. We also maximise your rental returns by the low rates we charge as well as our low vacancy rates.

New Tenancies

  • Rental review – our experienced property professionals will review the rent you charge, comparing it to current market conditions to ensure it is set at the right level.
  • Marketing your property and finding tenants – our marketing strategy is multi-channel to ensure we reach the widest possible range of prospective tenants. This ensures vacancy rates are kept to a minimum.
  • Viewings – our team handles all prospective tenant viewings of your property. We offer viewings at various times of the day, including outside normal office hours.
  • Prospective tenant background checks – our team completes a comprehensive background check of any tenant wishing to rent your property. This includes a credit check, employment history check, reviewing and contacting references, and more.
  • Lease negotiation and agreement – your account manager will carry out lease negotiations on your behalf according to your requirements. We also draft and sign the rental agreement on your behalf as well as getting the tenant to sign it. We will include clauses in the rental agreement according to your needs.
  • Bond collection – we collect a bond valued at four-weeks’ rent which is lodged with tenancy Tribunal as a security deposit on damage to your property.
  • Pre-lease property inspection – a member of our team conducts a detailed inspection of your property prior to the tenant moving in. This includes a comprehensive list of the items in the property and its condition in addition to photos and video.

During the Tenancy Agreement

  • Rent collection – we collect rent payments from tenants and forward them to you according to the agreed payment schedule.
  • Maintenance requests – our office receives and processes all maintenance requests, ensuring each one is handled efficiently.
  • Regular property inspections – we carry out regular inspections of your property to ensure it is being maintained to an acceptable standard.
  • Regular rental reviews – we typically review the rent of your property every 6-12 months to ensure you are getting the right rate. In addition, we handle all dealings with the tenant when you increase the rent on your property.
  • Lease renewals – if you and the tenant agree, we will renew the tenancy agreement.

End of Lease

  • End of lease property inspections – at the end of a lease, we complete a final property inspection, highlighting anything that has been damaged by the tenant. We also deal with disputes arising from this inspection.
  • Arranging for repairs – where there is damage, we will arrange for it to be repaired as quickly as possible so we can rent out your property again.
  • Bond handling – we deduct the cost of any repairs from the tenant’s bond before returning the remaining amount.

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