How to Engage us as your Professional Property Manager

Engaging Trump Property Management as Your Property Manager

We make the process of engaging Trump Property Management as your property manager as simple and straightforward as possible. In fact, once we have authority, the keys, and the necessary contact details, we handle the rest.

Free Appraisal

For most property owners, the process of engaging us starts by getting a free appraisal. An experienced member of our team will analyse the rent you currently charge, comparing it to current market rates among other things. We will then advise you on the rate you could charge.

Formal Authority

Once you are happy to appoint us you will need to give us formal authority. We will provide the paperwork to complete this, although our agreements are flexible and there are no long-term commitments. You will also need to give us keys for your property at this stage. We will keep these keys secure in our office.

If You Have an Existing Property Manager

If you currently have a property manager we will inform them that we are taking over. To do this we will need the contact details for your existing property manager and a letter or email explaining you have given us authority.

If You Have a Tenant

If you have a tenant we will need their contact details. You will also need to send us the existing lease as well as the pre-lease property inspection report and the rent payment history. In some situations, we will be able to get this information from your existing property manager. We will contact the tenant to inform them of the new arrangement and to give them our contact details.

If You Don’t Have a Tenant

If you don’t have a tenant we will start the process of finding you one. This involves marketing your property on various channels, scheduling viewings, processing a tenancy application, carrying out a background check, and confirming the lease.


As your property manager, we will handle everything in relation to the tenancy including maintenance requests, tenant queries, regular rent reviews, and end-of-lease procedures.

Start the process of appointing us as your property manager by contacting us today. Call 0274386387.