Free Appraisal

Free Rent Appraisal

Get a free rent appraisal on the rental properties you own today. The rent appraisal will tell you if you are charging the right rent. With the information, you can decide whether to set a new rate.

All our rent appraisals are completed by Auckland property professionals who have years of experience in the industry. They analyse a range of factors when determining what you should charge including the condition of your property and the rents that are charged for other properties in your area.

Make sure you charge the right level of rent – get a free rent appraisal today.

Rent Reviews

With your rent appraisal, you can inform your tenant that you plan to increase or decrease their rent – when we manage your properties, we handle this process for you. You must give 60-days’ notice before you change the rent providing it is more than six months from the date the current rent was set.

A rent review will ensure you maximise the rental returns on your property but it will also ensure you are not charging too much. This is important as charging too much rent can result in a penalty as well as lost rental income.

Get Better Tenants

On the plus side, charging the right rent will ensure you have happy and content tenants. Order a free rent review today and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Order now.